ઢીંચણ અને થાપાની તકલીફોથી પીડાતા દર્દીઓના ઓપરેશન પહેલાના વિડીયો અને શૌર્ય હોસ્પિટલમાં જોઈન્ટ રીપ્લેસમેન્ટ કરાવ્યા બાદ તદ્દન નોર્મલ લાઈફ જીવી રહેલ એજ દર્દીઓના ઓપરેશન પછીના વિડીયો જોવા માટે તથા ઓપરેશન અંગેના અનુભવ તેમના જ મુખેથી સાંભળવા માટે. અહી ક્લિક કરો For Further Information and Correspondence with any of the display Patients feel free to contact on +91 - 98251 47300.

"Successful Treatment of more than 95% of cases of spine without surgery"

Functional (Non Organic) Backache

Backpain usually is seen with increasing age. But with more of urbanization and westernization of lifestyle, increased stress in day to day life, long standing work in single position in front of computers, long run daily travelling, we now see backache even at a quite early age. These kind of pain is mainly due to muscle weakness and lack of exercise. Most of the patients get relief just by simple medicines, Physiotherapy & modification of lifestyle.

Organic backache

The nerves which come out from the intervertebral foramina of spine provide sensation and muscle power to lower limb. The compression of such nerves lead to back pain and leg pain. (Sciatica)

  • Pain on standing after sitting for long time
  • Severe pain in back and leg after walking for some distance ( Claudication )
  • Due to pain while standing for long time, females may have to stop cooking before its over.

Organic backache

  • Disc disease- bulge, prolapse, sequestration, migration
  • Canal Stenosis
  • Degenerative arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Infection e.g. Tuberculosis
  • Tumor
  • Fracture spine


(A) Medical Management

Life Style Modification

  • Do not sit in a single posture for a long time
  • Keep your back supported while working long
  • Regular exercise is MUST for muscle stretching and strengthening.

Medicines & Injections

NSAIDS - Medicines help for acute pain relief by relieving the swelling over nerves and muscles. IM/IV injections may be needed for few patients.


Short wave diathermy and Traction with some exercises

(B) Epidural Injections

As a part of our mission to treat almost 95% patients of spinal problems to treat without surgery, epidural- intraspinal injections are one of the mainstay of our treatment armamentarium.

Epidural injections work by reducing the inflammation of the disc and of the nerves, reduce the swelling and in turn reduces the compression over the nerve roots and thereby reduce pain.

Till now more than a thousand of patients have been effectively treated with epidural injections @ shaurya hospital. There have been a lot of incidences when patients were suggested for surgical intervention elsewhere but ultimately they were just been fine with our non surgical treatment.

Advantages of epidural injections:

  1. Minimally invasive - just an injection
  2. Can be treated on opd basis
  3. Minimize the risk of anaesthesia in high risk patients
  4. Avoids surgery - and related risk
  5. Cost is very less compared to surgery

(C) Spine Surgery Specialist

Spine Surgery is Safe @ Shaurya Hospital

At shaurya hospital & clinic center, we take a decision for going for surgery only when all other options don't look workable for the patient.

  • Extreme scrutiny regarding diagnosis, effect of surgery and risk involved
  • Availability of latest instruments in our class 100 modular operation theater
  • Expert upto date surgical team
  • Ventilator supported anaestheisa apparatus

We have been successful giving optimum results (97-98%) of spine surgery.

1) Disc Prolapse :Discectomy

Microlumbar Discectomy

Rushabhraval Case

Endoscopic Discectomy

Alpaaniloza Case

2) Vertebroplasty

In Osteoporotic patients and in patients of post traumatic vertebral wedging, this procedure is being done by injecting cement under IITV monitoring.

This helps in restoring the strength and height of vertebra. Also alleviates pain immediately and allow early mobilization of patient.

3) Spondylolisthesis and canal stenosis

Whenthere is instability of spine with sliding movement of one vertebra over another, we have to stabilize and stop such movement producing back pain and prevent compression of the nerve roots by the posteriorly moving spine.

4) Degenerative Canal Stenosis

In elderly patients, due to age related osteoarthritic changes, the spinal canal gets narrowed causing compression over nerve roots leading to decreased walking and standing capacity. When there is side to side curvature of spine, it needs correction of the coronal curve also which need to fix the spine with screws and rod.

5) Spine Tumor

When a tumor in the spine cause compression over spinal cord or nerve roots leading to walking and standing issues with/without paresis of lower limbs , it needs tumor excision with decompression of nerve roots and spinal cord.

6) Fracture Spine Doctor

When after fall from height, fall of heavy object over spine e.g. landslide, and in road traffic accidents there is fracture of spine with compression of spinal cord or nerve roots( cauda equine) there are symptoms of pain and paresis in lower limbs in case of lumbar spine and both upper and lower limbs in case of cervical spine with/without bowel bladder involvement.

These needs stabilization of fractured spine with correction of deformity and decompression of spinal cord and nerve roots. This in turn allow recovery from pain and paresthesia and paresis of limbs and allow mobile life to a bed ridden patient.

7) Cervical myelopathy

When due to age related osteoarthritic changes, there is compression of the cervical spinal cord, patient has difficulty in proper walking, long distance walking, there is swaying gait with difficulty in balancing. With advance disease, patient may levelop paresis of one or more limb with or without bowel bladder involvement depending on location of pressure over spinal cord.

Treatment is only surgical with spinal cord decompression with fixation of spine.