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Full Movement and Long Lasting Replacement Surgery with Hitech Implants

Total Hip Replacement Surgery- WHEN?

  • Diminished circulation leadig to damage of The hip ball (Avascular Necrosis of Hip- AVN)
  • Failed Fracture Surgery with lost reduction
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis

Patient Testimonials

Shantaram Jadhav - 60 M

Cemented hip replacement done for avascular necrosis of hip. Has gone to dakor more than 100 km by walking without any support.

Pravinbhai Shah - 73 M

A patient already operated for angioplasty and his fracture Neck of femur was operated with bipolar hip replacement from J & J . He is absolutely mobile with activa and can sit cross legged on floor.

Baldevbhai Prajapati - 54 M - Teacher - Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad.

He was operated for fracture neck of femur with screws elsewhere. He developed AVN and damage to hip ball. Was having so much of pain & not able to walk properly even with support even for activities of daily living. After CERAMIC Total Hip Replacement he has started his job at Viramgam with daily up-down.

Surendrabhai Shah - 72 M

Fracture of hip bone just below the level of ball was treated by Dr. Jigar Shah's specialized Modified Ender Nailing Technique done under IITV with hardly two stitches ( almost the smallest incision claimed worldwide). Shaurya Hospital is probably the one & onlycenter of entire Gujarat which discharges the patient operated for a hip fracture in less than 24 hrs time since operation.

Kesarisinh - Ender Nailing Technique

Kalpanaben Panchal, Maninagar

My hip ball was damaged due to AVN. Got shortening of the limb with excruciating pain and limp. After ceramic total hip replacement I am absolutely fine walking four round of Kankaria lake daily without any problem. Its difficlut for anyone to identify my which leg was operated. Obliged for getting a new life.

Indravadanbhai 41 M

I got his neck femur fracture fixed with screws. But afterward I had lot of pain and walking disabilitis for more than a year. I lost my job too. Meanwhile due to limp and inability to balance while walking I fell down and had a fracture below that. Afte THR @ Shaurya hospital with long stem, I am back to my job with painless mobile hip. Thanks to advanced technology and teamwork of shaurya hospital.

Zareefkhan Pathan, 63, Petlad, Anand

My fracture neck of femur was fixed with plate at anand. I was limping with pain. Then due to infection in the surgical area, I got my plate removed. But then my leg got shortened by a almost two inches, and I was not able to walk due to severe pain and externally rotated limb. After THR @ shaurya Hospital, I am walking normally with no pain and equal legs. Thanks to updated treatment and homely care given by dr Jigar and the entire team.

Faiz Mohammad 45, Ahmedabad - Revision Case

I was operated for cemented bipolar hip replacement before two years. Till then I had pain, limp and couldn't walk without support. I consulted many surgeons doctors and all advised for a revision THR , its complexity and need for breaking the bone further by an extended trochanteric osteotomy for better cement removal. Then I met Dr. Jigar Shah & I got convinced with his thought process in clinic centre. He accomplished my revision THR without doing ETO, removed every gram of cement and did a wonderful uncemented total hip replacement with which I have rejoined my lost job and living a joyful life without pain and disablility. To me, Shaurya hospital is the best for such a specialist surgery with utmost personal care.

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