Premature Baby

Premature baby delivered at 7.5 months with birth weight of 1 kg admitted in NICU of Shaurya Hospital for 20 days

Baby after 8 months

Same baby at 8 months of age with weight 8.2 Kg and normal development

Triplets Babies

Three Babies with weight of 1.1 Kg, 1.6 Kg, 1.6 Kg respectively, delivered by Cesarean Section treated at Shaurya Hospital.

Twin Babies

Two Babies with weight 1.9 Kg & 2 Kg delivered at 8.5 months, treated by Dr. Kajal Shah at Shaurya Hospital.

Advance LED Phototherapy

For Neonatal Jaundice.

Exchange Transfusion

New Born admitted with Serum Billibrium 44mg [Normal less than 1 Mg] with G-6 PD deficiency where there are high chances of Convulsion & brain damage.

After Exchange Transfusion

After Exchange Transfusion done by Dr. Kajal Shah, Baby survived with normal growth rate.

Examination of Baby

Examination of New Born at the time of delivery (Normal or ceaserian) is essential to rule out any congnital malformations of New Born Baby.

Birth Asphyxia which is preventable cause of cerebral palsy & mental retardation can be avoided with proper measures at the time of delivery. Few minutes after delivery is very important for normal outcome of Baby.